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Meet the Artist

Shyama Kuver

Community Grown Creative

Heart Over Crown was created in 2016 and is the project of Shyama Kuver (she|her|herself) with the hopes to communicate our spiritual connectedness, resilience, and beauty while also struggling with the effects of systemic oppression on our ability to truly thrive and connect with one another. 

Shyama is a radiant introvert. Tender and fierce, she is a queer Indo-Fijian woman born and raised in San Francisco, California, now living and learning in Washington, DC. She is a self- and community-taught artist whose work focuses on our spiritual connectedness to each other and to other worlds – past, present, and future. Her art explores nature, decolonization, spirituality, the dignity for all beings, and futurity.


Though not classically trained as an artist, she has worked in community and collaborative art spaces for most of her life. First as a graffiti artist, creating work with friends in pre-tech San Francisco and most recently as a public and activist artist. She is now ready to take off the mask that community art allows and walk with the vulnerability and honesty an independent artist.

Her passion and purpose is to depict the world of the soul in paint, graphite, ink, and pixels to reflect the diverse and conflicting realities of the mind and spirit.

Priority: to believe in the power of love and playfulness, to encourage others to pursue their passions, and to always resist erasure.